• Dave was exactly what we needed for the day - He understood the type of guest we were having and adapted accordingly. His humble approach to the tasks, being fully involved and always thinking about the lighter side of things made him indispensible. Nissan Management got on famously with him - his “theatrical” element added the perfect pitch to the day. Thanks very much. - Addictive events
• “Off the wall and off the cuff… an improv genius.” – Media 24
• “You did a great job as Master of Ceremonies… most appreciative of the way you handled proceedings. – Jonathan Ackerman - Pick n Pay
• “Thanks for a great show the audience loved you.” – Syner G Marketing & Events
• “We did not understand a word… but you look funny” – German audience member.
• “He is never allowed to set foot in Worcester again! Please” - Cant win them all?.