As an MC at an event he strikes the perfect balance in a corporate environment. You will most certainly want to see Dave again and again, mostly to explain some of his jokes or to return some of the stuff he’s stolen.”

Shirli Talbot, Conference Excellence


Comedy is best enjoyed live, I’d love to see more to people at live stand up comedy events. Even if you don’t know the line up, take a chance! I’d also Love you to see me doing this job, on a stage close to you. You can browse the site to find out where to see some stand up comedy, get gig info. Or book me


Because of stand up comedy I’ve involved in Ad campaigns, product launches, International Golf Days, comedy festivals and conferences. Take a look at what some people had to say. Contact me. All mails go directly to me. Stay classy.


Click here for a PDF biography. This is a printable version to find out what I have done with my career so far. Please don’t read this entire thing out loud if you are introducing me.


Watch my clips and funny ads on the interweb. The nice people at Youtube have let me put everything on there. They have really high standards. Here.


Lafarge Cement, Unilever, KPMG, Nashua, Coca-Cola Corporate Soccer, Audi Quatro Cup Amateur golf Tounament, Shoprite Checkers, Nedcor, Investec, Pam Golding National Roadshow, People’s Bank, Discovery Health, Foshini Group/DUE SOUTH, New Balance, Fancourt Captan’s Dinner. Momentum, Standard Bank, Touchline media, Men’s Health Best man Awards, Golf Digest Subscribers’ Challenge. Taylormade Golf. AVUSA.


Dave was exactly what we needed for the day - He understood the type of guest we were having and adapted accordingly. His humble approach to the tasks, made him indispensible. Nissan Management got on famously with him - his “theatrical” element added the perfect pitch to the day. Thanks. - Addictive events

“Off the wall and off the cuff… an improv genius.” - Media 24

“You did a great job as Master of Ceremonies… most appreciative of the way you handled proceedings. - Jonathan Ackerman - Pick n Pay

“Thanks for a great show the audience loved you.” - Syner G Marketing & Events

“We did not understand a word… but you look funny” - German audience member.

“Dave should seriously consider not giving up his day job” – DAVE SHOW ‘crit’. - Argus Tonight

He is never allowed to set foot in Worcester again! Please” - A very upset Engineering Company.


• Comedy Shop Live:‘97.
• The Smirnoff Comedy Festival
• The Coffee Lounge: Host
• Cape Comedy Collective (1998-99).
• Agony Barman Dave
• Showcase SABC 3.
• M Web (18 ads)
• Walls Sausages (UK)
• Fosters (US)
• Heineken (Italy)
• German Post Bank
• Mercedes Benz
• Humour column CAPE REVIEW
• Pendoring award: Best actor
• Gold Loerie Mweb ads.
• Garden Route comedy tour
• Joe Parkers’ Hurricanes
• Up the Creek Festival
• The Ha Ha Fest
• Comedy Warehouse
• ‘Four slackers’ improv
• Going Nowhere Slowly
• Red Bull competition winner
• Vodacom Comedy festival
• New Balance 100th year Gala
• Pick ‘n Pay Golden Ray Awards.
• Golf digest Challenge.
• Edinburgh Fringe 2012