Booking made simple

So why do Stand up comedy performances at corporate events cost what they do? Besides supply and demand (more popular comedians can charge higher rates.) It all comes down to one question. What budget do you have? This often determines the level of comedian you will get.

Every function or launch is different. To have a particular MC or host may work perfectly for one and be a complete disaster at another. The key is to know what you want from an MC at your event. And make sure your brief is very clear. Then the right MC will add their personality to make it a success.

Although my corporate fees have pretty much remained the same for many years, I’m often asked what my fee is? Or clients say: ‘Wow you guys are expensive!’ The factors to take into account vary. Do you want your MC to have basic knowledge of your product or service? Are they there to do time-keeping and introduce guest speakers?

One of the most shocking things I experience way too often is the lack of detail regarding the technical side of an event. The most basic need of any performer is to be seen and heard clearly. All to often I have been told we don’t need speakers or a PA as we are just have some comedy in the ‘Lapa’ after dinner and they will be able to hear you, while they have drinks and it will be fine. It’s never fine.

So before thinking of hiring a comedian or performer take some time to familiarise yourself with your specific tech requirements. So many great events fail when the sound or ability to see the act is not up to standard.

Most comedians you see at a comedy club or bar will have a slightly edgy comedy set. This differs to what you might hear at a corporate level, for obvious reasons. Most briefing sessions clearly state no race, sexist, swearing etc. But then you need to have seen the comedian in both environments to make your decision.

When a comedy performer is riding a wave of popularity either based on their television appearances or publicity, the fee will increase substantially. And then obviously the flip side would be a standard rate for a well known and reliable performer to be at your particular event. But not many corporate clients are frequenting the comedy clubs or dodgy bars where the stand up comedy is happening. So they rely on You Tube or or word of mouth, to access their informed decisions.

As mentioned the variations of what is needed from an MC is rather vast. And hence the pricing will vary accordingly.

Examples include:
Master of ceremonies, keep agenda flowing, scripted. (Incl. Rehearsals)

MC: Scripted, No rehearsal, just a run through of agenda beforehand or emailed brief.

MC in a comical manner, clean, no offensive humour. (Time keeping with a variety of acts or guest speakers)

MC with a 20 min opening comedy act. (or slot)

MC for an awards evening or prize giving. Comical flow.

Golf Day MC only.

Golf Day MC, 30 min comedy set.

Golf Day on course activations.

Product launch, Exhibition hall, including briefing and knowledge of the product. Strictly MC with prizes or regular announcements.