Rock the Run

On Sunday morning I was up at 5am. Nope it wasn’t a fire-drill or Christmas morning. I had to! I had made a tequila based statement, after a comedy gig at Mish Mash, that anybody could run 10k’s with no training. And those fun-runs are just that, Fun! So at 7:30 in the middle of Sandton I set off on my ‘fun-run’. I remember thinking ‘How did I get myself into this?’ It was very not fun, and as the first hill (within 40 metres of the start) bit me in the thigh. I thought damn I need to shut up more. Kerry and Brett (The ‘Tequila purchasers’) had the same look on their faces, firstly they didnt think I’d pitch! Their faces looked even more shocked at the finish! A quick jog around Sandton is a great way to start the day. (Truth is I felt fantastic afterwards, I might be hooked now?) At the end of the race they had some bands (Mikasa, Freshly Ground, Graham Watkins Project) and gave away a a car too. Well organised with everything you needed including Nando’s and a bar! Although the people on their way to church were slightly less amused as maybe Hyundai had not informed them of the healthy people who would block their nice roads between 7 and 10am? So, I came 159th out of my group for old ‘toppies’ (40-49) not too kak? Who wants to bet me on my next stupid thing?