Go to my blog to find more info regarding gigs and venues. Some club gigs are regular and some are once off or monthly. But take a look here there’s info regarding the comedians and even maps to the venue.

Wednesday 26th June

Kyalami Equestrian Park. The Davebrew Quiznight. Call Johann for bookings. 082 883 7161

Wednesday 3rd July 2019:

Comedy night at The Kyalami Equestrian Club. 8pm R50. Line up to follow. Free Davebrew with every Pizza ordered. Call Johann for bookings. 082 883 7161 MORE INFO

That’s me Dave.

I love making people laugh and I get to do that as a ‘job’. You can book me here. After 20 years in the comedy biz, I’ve done some cool stuff like TV shows & commercials and Roast battles. Flip and fap through the gallery. large pics available, if you need hi-res images? click here. There’s even a blog with some of my thoughts, advice and rants here.

Download my biography here.

Click here for a printable PDF version. Please don’t read this out loud if you are introducing me, I’ll send you an intro if you need one. As much as I love the comedy club circuit. Corporate MC work is where I cut my teeth. I’ve facilitated conferences and awards evenings for some of the World’s top brands. Contact me to see if I can help you make your next function into a memorable event. Here.

Golf Day comedy? Keep it short, make it fun.

Golden rule, never do comedy at a golf day. So contact me if you’d like me to MC your golf day prize giving. Or your fundraising event? I’ve worked with many brands and Pro tournaments. Take a look here and book me for a golf day.

Youtube has really high standards.

Watch Youtube clips and funny ads on the interweb on here. You can fap through the gallery. Here. As much as I love the comedy club circuit, I do most of my work as acorporate MC facilitating conferences and awards nights for some of the World’s top brands.

What some clients said about me.

Take a look at what some of my happy and some not so happy clients said about me. Go.

How about some beer and comedy in your office?

And we throw in a keg of Davebrew for good measure. Most companies never have the opportunity to hire the services of top comedians, might be budget issues? But every office has a spot or space where people gather for a drink or to let off some steam. Contact Dave if you’d like to have three comedians come and entertain your over-worked office dwellers. We’ll even throw in a keg of tasty Davebrew. And you get to be a hero all because you ordered a barrel of laughs. book here.

What is Laugh at first sight?

If you have the DSTV buttons with BOXOFFICE and R40 you get to see me in a nicely produced beautiful comedy environment. Filmed by Mannequin films, all themed around Valentine’s Day. With Kate Pinchuk, Nina Hastie, Laz Gola. Click here.

Comedy flavoured beer? Available here.

It’s beer that tastes funny! And you can buy it directly.

Facebook is a fun place. I’ve heard.

Things of a comedy nature all available for you to like. let’s be friends. And like each other. But we can see other people? Here.

take a look at some of my design work.

Before comedy I was a graphic designer. Maybe your brand needs an update? I recently did a full redesign of ONTAP beer magazine. If you need any design or marketing done for your business contact me. Take a look at my work here.


Drop a direct note to me to say hi. There is a contact form. Fill it in, send it. Easy! All mail goes directly to me…Dave. Agents and Spam-bots kick in later.

I love making people laugh. I’ve been on the SA comedy scene since 1997, hosting The ‘Coffee Lounge Comedy Club’. I joined The Cape Comedy Collective at a new venue, The Independant Armchair Theatre. The gig ran for almost 4 years and unearthed a pool of talent including Riaad Moosa, Conrad Coch, Cokey Falkow, Marc Lottering and Kurt Schoonraad to name a few. It was at the ‘Armchair’ that I was spotted doing an improvised act called ‘Agony barman Dave’. I did some ads and now here we are…


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